An acting career overhaul is a must for all seasoned professional or actors launching a career. 

Your marketing materials are your calling card for your acting business.

With constructive and honest feedback let’s take it to the next level!

Private Session  $150.00  for 90 min.
Group Session   $ Neg.
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Clearly define and concur your niche in the New York market.

Marketing Materials
Sharpen and refocus your resume and headshots.

Online Branding 
Update and keep current your online ‘persona’ including:

  • Profiles
  • Website
  • Demo Reels/Clips
  • YouTube/Vimeo Channels

Casting Director and Networking Lists
Construct a potential list of Casting Directors, Talent Agents, Directors and other Industry Professionals for a specific target-marketing list.


“Thank you so much for keeping it real with me and honest because that’s what I needed to be real with myself at the end of the day. Your advice pushed me to devote an hour at least to my craft everyday. I’m looking forward to bigger opportunities in the new year based on your advice.”
Jovan T.

“I had a consultation in late November last year, and since then I’ve really made some strides in my acting career. I’ve been auditioning more regularly, taking private acting classes, updated all my material, and just launched my own website. I’m very happy with the direction my career is going because of the advice and guidance you gave me. Thanks again, Shorey, you’re the best!”
Adam G.

“Shorey guided me through all the necessary steps to start understanding myself as a business without causing me to feel dehumanized. I now feel I can turn myself into a sellable product and work smarter to find work right for me.”
Fannie L.

“I’m so excited to implement what we worked on and get some momentum going! I really appreciated what you said about this being a ‘journey’ because you’re absolutely right! And I’m very grateful I met you along the way!”
Justin P.

“It’s all settling in how amazing that was. Thank you so much for all of the thought and work you put into our meeting. And for your honest feedback as well. I am so grateful, and I’m excited to jump into everything. This is what I needed. WOW.”
Meghan G.

“Thanks for rocking my world today and all the career help. Just wanted to let you know I am official on IMDBpro now and I also tweaked my website. More to come!”
Jacob S.

“Even after graduating from a prestigious theatrical program, I still didn’t have a clear direction of the way I wanted my career to take off. Meeting with Shorey was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my career because she helped me establish attainable goals that were tailored to my specific talents. She has the gift of recognizing potential and positivity in others. She even helped me connect with one of NYC’s top commercial and print agencies, and now I’m freelancing with them!”
Brooks C.

“Thank you so very much for today. You are a treasure of information, and importantly, willing to share it! I was astounded with your preparation for our meeting (i.e.: me and my stuff). You have given me a clear and concise plan, with concrete steps and how to achieve them to reach my dreams. Notice, I didn’t even say, move forward, or take the next step. Those you have given me almost as an afterthought, so, I get to say “reach my dreams”. You are the best Shorey. And I have some (a lot of) work to do.”
Julia B.

“Shorey is a wonderful coach for those trying to build a career in NYC. Whether it be film and tv, theatre, or commercial and print, she has the experience and expertise to guide you. A consummate professional, she will give you truthful evaluations and then advise you on how to best hone your skills with teachers and coaches she personally recommends; figure out your type or brand and the right representation for it; and help you build on relationships and networks in the business. In addition to these pragmatic pursuits, she also makes herself available as your personal mentor/cheerleader as you find your way, ready to respond to the silliest question or qualm with calm and concise expert advice.”
~ Patricia L.

“Shorey not only answer every question I had and help accomplish all of our business goals, but sent me off after our meeting feeling energized, productive and most importantly, empowered about my career. This feeling is so rare in such a fickle business. Thank you so much!”
~ Amanda T.

“I have spoken to quite a few people about navigating this business and you are the only one who actually gave an in depth detailed step by step plan. I can’t express my appreciation for your time and all the information you shared.” 
~ Michelle R.

“I went into my first professional film job and signed with my first agency knowing next to nothing. I can only imagine how things would have played out if I knew then what I know now.” 
~ Grace T.

“I just wanted to reach out and say thank you. When we met you mention voiceover as being a possible career route. When the pandemic hit I kind of jumped in head first, taking classes and getting a home booth set up, and I have found a real love for the medium. I just wanted to thank you again for suggesting and pushing me in that direction.” 
~ Zachary T.

“Shorey is one of the most knowledgeable people I have ever met when it comes to the ins and outs of the industry. She taught me how to thoroughly establish my brand, strengthen my internet presence, and prepared me to meet with agents to discuss my goals. Shorey helped me to define what I want my career to look like and encouraged me to pursue my vision. If not for her, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to gain representation by my dream agency – in a pandemic! She made me feel so comfortable in our meetings and truly wants the best for me and my career. I cannot recommend her services enough!” 
~ Hannah S.

Participating in a LIVE Showcase through The Growing Studio not only gave me the opportunity to be in front of an amazing roster of Talent Agents, but led to me booking my first National Tour through one of the Casting Directors in attendance! Shorey and everyone at the studio are incredibly helpful, kind, and communicative. I couldn’t recommend the experience enough!
~ Collins R.