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Shorey Walker is currently the Program Coordinator for the College Content at The Growing Studio, Inc in New York City. Since 2004 Shorey has produced over 500 NYC Showcases and 1,000 Workshops for 30 Universities throughout the US and UK. Her work as the Showcase Coordinator has led hundreds of actors to secure auditions, book jobs and sign/freelance with a Talent Agent or Personal Manager.


This program is designed to allow the students to get cutting edge exposure and make connections with those who will take them to the next level of a professional acting career. All of which is has been customized to the needs and talents of the students and each school. The standard showcase model in New York City has changed drastically in the past few years.  Building relationships with casting and agents is a crucial step as the students move from education to the industry.

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“As a result of the College Content Showcase, I got called back by 11 Agents. Through this process, I have been gradually prepared for this moment in my career. Shorey Walker contributed immensely to this preparation by sharing insight and knowledge that I would not have attained without her guidance and direction. When I first met Shorey, it was like a breath of fresh air. Since she is currently working in the industry, she provided information that was very relevant. In addition to coordinating the Showcase, Shorey also gave us information that is vital to where we see ourselves in the next few year.”
~ Student, Long Island University POST

“I cannot believe how much I learned and how many important people I met in such a short period of time!  I walked away with a wealth of knowledge that will forever change my career.   I cannot recommend the experience enough!”
~ Student, Shorter University

“Shorey became indispensable throughout our Showcase process. Her knowledge of the business and her professional demeanor were essential to our personal growth and our ability to succeed after Showcase.”
~ Student, LIU POST

“The Showcase package provided for my by Shorey and The Growing Studio was fun and enlightening, and it provided me with invaluable knowledge that I will be utilizing when I move to New York City for work!”
~ Student, Bowling Green State University

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for everything. Moving to the city in pursuit of a career in acting is daunting to say the least! Meeting and speaking with you and all of the agents has been incredibly beneficial.  I and the rest of my class really feel like we now have a foot to stand on!”
~ Student, West Virginia University 

“Showcase in NYC has changed my career. Since I graduated and moved to New York, I have auditioned multiple times for people I made connections with through showcase. During my showcase I had a workshop with a major Casting Director. Six months later, I auditioned at an open call, got a callback, and the Casting Director remembered me and took the time to have a personal conversation outside of the audition room in addition to the callback! I cannot recommend NYC Showcase enough to any college program looking for success for their students.” 
~ Student, Oakland University 

“I can’t thank you enough for all you did to expose us Detroiters to the New York scene. The Growing Studio left such an amazing impression with me of the industry in New York City. The workshop your gave broke down the business side of acting so clearly to me. I have made adjustments to my resume based off of that information. The workshop with the casting director further excited me to be an actor, and you and Danny made me feel so comfortable performing in your studio for the Showcase. I can’t thank you enough for this unforgettable experience. My brief time in New York made me absolutely fall in love, and I am planning to move there by the fall. Thanks again for all your help. I can’t tell you how much this experience affected me.” 
~ Student, Wayne State University 

“Shorey Walker is a wonderful person, and asset to the College Content Program. In fact, she made our Showcase go so smoothly, and her career advice for aspiring actors is so valuable, I could not thank her enough. She is extremely professional and I am so glad to have worked with Shorey and TGS.”
~ Student, UCONN

“Thank you for the amazing experience you provided for our students this week.  The entire process was so organized, so professional, and so useful.  The students were so happy with the workshops and the tons of feedback and work that they got to experience over those 48 hours. Thank you for all of the time you spent with them – they were absolutely glowing last night and feel so excited to start this next part of their career/education.”
~ Professor, FSC

“The College Content Program & NYC Showcase provided me with the opportunity to engage with industry professionals, learn industry standards and current trends, see how I am currently marketing myself and the changes I need to make. I was provided with numerous resources and databases of information that I have learned that I alone must pursue and research in order to be a successful, working actor. I am now a business owner (selling myself!), and the importance of work ethic and smart business practices were heavy emphasized and fostered. I learned a lot from Shorey and the agents present- an invaluable experience right out of college!” 
~ Student, State University of New York at Fredonia

“The success of the WVU NYC Senior Showcase 2019 was due in no small part to your guidance, your tenacity and your generosity of time, effort, knowledge and spirit. From all of us, thank you, Shorey!”
~ Head of Professor, West Virginia University

“Thank you for all you do- it truly makes a difference. At least for me, you forever changed how I will approach my career and create opportunities for myself.”
~ Student, SUNY Fredonia

“A massive thank you for all of your guidance throughout the FDS Showcase process and for your phenomenal workshop on Saturday. Your wisdom and passion are really inspiring and although I was slightly overwhelmed from all of the information, I mainly felt determined and excited because of your electric energy. It’s so wonderful to see such a powerful woman in this industry who isn’t afraid to tell it like it is!”
~ Student, Federation of Drama Schools UK

“I learned an immense amount about myself, the Business and work ethic in general from the opportunities you provided us with.  I appreciate all your help preparing and organizing our NYC Showcase.  You truly went above and beyond to ensure our class’ success!”
~ Student, SUNY Fredonia